The World’s First Guitar Infused Beer Has Been Created

Who knew we’d be getting a record for something that isn’t medically related!?

Rochester is now home to the world’s first guitar infused beer thanks to local rockers Light 45.

You remember these cool dudes, right? Over my past two years in Rochester, I’ve gotten to know the guys and their passion for rock music. They are (by definition) a Christian band, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like to rock.

Lead singer Justin Hawley explained in a press release, “Why would a Christian band want to collaborate on brewing a beer? Jesus’ first miracle was turning water into wine. We love Jesus. And now He’s giving us an opportunity to turn a guitar, and even rock and roll itself, into a beer.” On a personal note, I know these guys to be ones conscious of enjoying all things in moderation too.

What’s so cool about this project, to me, is that we’re nurturing rock n’ roll right here in Rochester – and doing it in a fun and creative way.

Would you try this beer?

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