Why The Foo Fighters Are The Nicest Guys In Rock

In the rock world, we can sometimes complain that there is no “champion” of the genre anymore. I’m about to explain why I don’t believe that.

Since the 50’s, it seems like every decade has “their rock band” that represents that generation and that era.

Think about it: the 50’s had Elvis, the 60’s had The Beatles, and psychedelic bands, the 70’s had Aerosmith, KISS and Led Zeppelin, the 80’s saw the rise (and fall) of hair metal and beginnings of hard rock, and the 90’s was overtaken by Nirvana and the rest of the grunge movement. Is it crazy to think that the Foo Fighters are “that band” for our generation?

Foo Fighters
Credit: Val Kleinhans

In my opinion, the Foo Fighters have been providing some of the heaviest and yet most traditional rock stuff we’ve heard since Aerosmith. Our awareness of them peaked in the 2000’s, and it really hasn’t evaporated since. They deserve major kudos for that alone!

We call them “the nicest guys in rock” because they really are. Drummer Taylor Hawkins has done amazing things with the Turnaround Arts program here in Rochester. Dave Grohl makes a habit out of making Foo shows special for people of all ages. He’s kind of known for bringing kids onstage, and yet he appeals to the adults too!

If there was any “band” that could somehow be known as the “champion of rock” for our current time, I’d certainly nominate the Foo Fighters.

Who would you nominate?

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