What’s ‘In Vogue’ Wednesday: 5 Things Val Loves

Hey all! Part of what I want to do with my new website keeps a fun weekly list of things I’m really into – or find “in vogue” – each week.

This week, here’s five things I was really into.

Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 7.19.07 PM

  1. Drift Dough DonutsA cute new donut shop in the Rochester area. I’m obsessed with how creative they’re being with the kind of donuts that they offer. I’m into it!
  2. Metal: It’s probably my favorite genre of music, though I love a lot of them. This week Machine Head blew me away live, and I’m scheduled to see the Foo Fighters soon. The sad news about Oli Herbert bonded us too.
  3. My new marigold fedora: Who says fedoras are lame? Check out my favorite one as of recent here.
  4. Cats: …BECAUSE DUH.
  5. New music releases: More on this soon…

What were you really into this past week? Excited for any plans coming up?

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